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Zion Williamson busts through his own shoe, hurts knee, causes mass internet panic

February 20, 2019

Leading up to Wednesday night’s Duke vs. North Carolina game, there were numerous reports that the ticket prices on the secondary market reached Super Bowl-level. While Duke-UNC is always a hot ticket, it was particularly scorching this year because of freshman sensation Zion Williamson.

Unfortunately, just 33 seconds into the game, Williamson went down with an injury when he literally busted through his own damn shoe as he dribbled at the top of the key. Check out the wild video:

There is no bigger dagger as a fan then shelling out money for a game only to see the marquee player go down minutes, or seconds, in (trust me, I know. I was at Kristaps Porzingis ACL tear game). The arena, or stadium, instantly morphs into a funeral-like atmosphere. You might understand what I’m talking about when watching this video:

That’s the type of silence you hear at libraries only. What's worse is that the injury is not to the left leg, the one that busted through the shoe, but rather the right knee. Yikes. Tough look for Nike, tough look for the mop-up guy at Duke and tough look for the iconic Cameron Indoor hardwood. Zion's night is over, and that's the only report they've got on the ESPN broadcast. As expected, the internet is in mass panic mode:

Let's all just calmmmmm down. Hopefully Zion is OK, though it would be peak Knicks for THE guy they've been waiting for to suffer a devastating injury.