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Harry Styles tells audience he had to (begrudingly) leave a golf tournament early to make his own concert

October 10, 2022

Last week, we shared a video of Harry Styles—pop superstar, actor, and noted golf addict—smoking a “hellacious seed” off the tee. Whatever you think about the guy’s music, style, or spit technique, there is simply no denying this epic traj.

Unfortunately for Styles, who clearly had his swing dialed in, he had to cut his golf sabbatical short in order to make his own concert, a fact which he shared with a father in his audience this weekend. Watch and listen.

ONE OF US! ONE OF US! While most mortals would give anything to make millions singing pop songs to the adoration of billions, we golf sickos understand where Harry is coming from. Sure, having an entire arena full of women cheering your name is cool and all, but have you ever tried grinding for four and half hours in the sweltering sun to break 80? That’s really where it's it.

Despite Styles’ complaints, however, we’re sure he doesn’t mind too much. He gets it. You gotta work hard to play hard, and golf is the hardest work there is.