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Watch Harry Styles hit an absolutely hellacious seed off the tee

October 06, 2022

Earlier this week some photos of Justin Bieber relieving himself on a golf course came out, a reminder that life as a superstar has its drawbacks when it comes to privacy. However, having paparazzi following you around everywhere, including on the links, can be beneficial—especially when you make a great swing.

Such was the case for Harry Styles, who is trending (again) on Twitter. This time, not for spitting, but for splitting the fairway with a smoked tee shot while playing golf in the Chicago area. Check it out:

I mean, who wouldn't want a shot like that to go viral? No matter how much the person taking the video is creeping on you? That is an absolute butter cut right there. Even Chris Pine would be impressed.

Between the outfit, the hair, and swing, the guy looks like Tom Watson in his prime. Very classy.

That also looks like one of the tightest tee shots we've ever seen. Very intimidating. Unless, of course, you're a rock star/movie star. Harry Styles. So hot right now. If anyone is working on a period piece about 1970s golf, the leading man is a no-brainer.