Room For Improvement

Video of LeBron James' golf swing hits social media and there's a decent chance he has it scrubbed from the internet

Any time a gigantic NFL or NBA player has a golf club in his hands, you truly never know what you're going to get. These are world-class athletes after all, so it's not all too surprising when one of them ends up making an athletic move at the ball. Odell Beckham Jr. served as the prime example of this a few years ago:

Of course, Beckham is an extremely singular talent that is good at just about anything he does. Give him a soccer ball, a basektball, or a baseball bat and he looks like a natural. 

That said, wouldn't you say the same about LeBron James? An extremely singular talent who could thrive in any sport, right? Well, not any sport... 

OK, so there's room for improvement and he definitely won't be getting any of those Stephen Curry sponsor's exemptions in the near future. One thing we know for sure is that he needs way bigger golf clubs than the ones at Topgolf. 

By the way, hopefully you read this post and see this video as soon as possible. Knowing LeBron, he might have it scrubbed from the internet like that video of Jordan Crawford dunking on him.