Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Of COURSE LeGarrette Blount swung on somebody after coaching a youth football game

Death, taxes, and LeGarette Blount punching people on the football field.

Blount, who retired from the NFL in 2020 but had not played since 2018, is now coaching youth football in Gilbert, Arizona. Following a 12-and-under game this past weekend, Blount was involved in a skirmish with a number of other grown adults, and he obviously took a swing on someone because that's what LeGarette Blount does. It's sort of his calling card.

Check out the wild video:

Another full, Blair-Witch-Project version of the fracas shows Blount SPRINTING to the other team's sideline and, thankfully, being restrained before doing serious 250-pound-former-NFL-running-back damage to someone. But just when you thought cooler heads had prevailed, things get physical before ultimately calming down without anyone being seriously hurt:

After the video hit social media, Blount tweeted out an apology that also included a "this isn't the full story" qualifier, which is probably true. That said, fighting over a 12-year-old football game is still avoidable, in our humble opinion:

OK, good recovery. According to USA Today, police are investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made and no injuries reported. 

Unfortunately, these are the types of incidents we'll always point to when it comes to Blount's football career, which was a highly productive one. 

Blount's other punching incident occurred in his very first NFL training camp as a member of the Tennessee Titans, when he and linebacker Eric Bakhtiari got into a vintage summer practice scuffle. Blount still went on to make the 53-man roster before being waived and signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Other than getting arrested for marijuana possession with Le'Veon Bell as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers a few years later, Blount remained relatively scandal-free and went on to win three Super Bowls, rushed for over 6,300 yards and led the NFL in rushing touchdowns in the 2016 season. Off into the sunset he went in 2020, up until this kerfluffle. Let's hope he retires from punching people after this one.