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This picture of Kevin Na 'recovering' from flu-like symptoms is straight out of a horror movie

We're closing in on the halfway point of October, which means Halloween is fast-approaching. To get in the holiday spirit, LIV Golf and Kevin Na decided to give everyone a fright ahead of the final round in Bangkok.

To be clear, it was an inadvertent fright. The handful of folks watching the final round on YouTube were the first to catch a glimpse of Na apparently "fighting off" flu-like symptoms, which entailed lying on a cot that's clearly too small and being hooked up to some sort of machine that was position on a chair. Also, he was so wrapped up in blankets he looked like a mummy. You should really just see it to believe it:

This picture is so insane you actually have to wonder if it's some sort of Halloween prank. We have so many questions. Why is he in a cot on the floor? Are those blankets or towels? What is the machine for? Why does it look like some sort of Scientology and/or prison experiment? Did this help him in any way? All the money in the world for these players and we can't get them a real bed to "recover" in? Truly one of the stranger photos we've ever seen in golf. 

Oh, and if you are wondering if Michael Jordan comparisons were made, the answer is yes, according to Geoff Shackelford:

Chef's kiss, as they say. Na GUTTED out a one-over 73 to finish in solo 26th, in case you were curious.