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Golf-themed gender reveal crashes and burns, but not in the way you expect

We know what you're thinking. Golf-y gender reveal. Dad hits ball, ball goes poof, Big Bertha hits mom in the forehead. We've seen some combination of the aforementioned events and players so many times it's like an old episode 'The Office'. We know what joke is coming but we still laugh anyway because, well, that's why we're watching right? Except this golf-themed gender reveal is different. Sure, it's still a colossal fail, but not because of cringe-y sitcom slapstick. Everyone stands well clear, the ball explodes without protest, the whole family emerges with their septums intact. Instead, the whole thing falls on its face thanks to the true star of the show: A little boy who wanted, more than anything in the world, to see blue dust come off the face of dad's driver.

Poor guy. Please note the "Big Bro" t-shirt too. This little fella was SOOO ready to have a living, breathing mini-me to beat on and frame for sh*t and eventually become best, most-inseparable friends with, but instead his sister will get to know that unique joy. He starts to cry. Slowly at first, then in big, snotty gulps. It's tough to watch, especially for an older brother like me.

That said, sisters are cool too. Guys with sisters grow up knowing how to talk to girls. They respect their opposite sex and don't end up weirdo 30-something bachelors dating a DraftKings account. Well, at least not the bachelor part. And even if literally none of that is true, at least this little guy learned a valuable lesson from dad's fateful cut: You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.