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Surprise! Another baby gender reveal produced disastrous results

April 16, 2020

Two days after Russell Wilson and Ciara successfully pulled off a baby gender reveal (Congrats, it's a boy! You had a 50-50 chance!), a much less famous couple went viral for theirs. And not for a good reason.

These (sometimes) fun, but (extremely) unnecessary and dangerous celebrations have caused wildfires, plane crashes, and even deaths in recent years. It's gotten to the point where we praise couples like Russell and Ciara or the Garcias in golf for having one without a serious injury.

We can't say the same for the following mystery couple, who went with the ol exploding-ball-off-a-tee trick. And with the husband holding a bat, and his wife standing about two feet away, what could go wrong?!

Ouch. Apparently, these two aren't familiar with the concept of the on-deck circle.

In addition to hearing the double thwack of the bat on both the ball (Congrats, it's a boy too! You also had a 50-50 chance!) and his wife's head, you can hear a mix of excited and horrified screams. We hope/assume that since this video was shared, everyone is OK. But seriously, people, if you're going to do this kind of thing, please be careful. Or, at least don't use an actual bat.