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Golf-swing-impersonation guy does his best Phil Mickelson flop ahead of 'The Match'

November 19, 2018

Remember Jack Bartlett, better known as that guy who went viral a week or two ago for his spot-on swing impressions of Dustin Johnson and Keegan Bradley? Well good news, because he's already back at it, pulling off a pitch-perfect cut on this, the most magical of golf weeks. Slap on that lefty glove and check it out:

Can you guess who he's mimicking? Lol, just kidding. Of course you can. It's Phil—more specifically Phil's legendary flop shot—and it arrives just in time for 'The Match', something we also don't need to explain to you. From the black glove and dress shirt to that high, hopeful hold, Bartlett nails all the Phil mannerisms, right down to the iconic thumbs up. Sure maybe he's missing a bit of that Phil je ne sais quoi—the inner confidence to do the worm in a gingham shirt ad and karate kick over a former Batman sidekick's head—but then again, aren't we all?

Now we wait and see if Bartlett busts out a Tiger before Friday. Jack, if you're taking requests, we'll throw President's Cup '09 into the ol' Nike hat: