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The Loop
August 30, 2018

Phil Mickelson endangers popular CBS drama with high kick over Chris O'Donnell

Are you a fan of NCIS: Los Angeles? Well, you'll be alarmed to learn the popular CBS drama almost abruptly ended at the hands of Phil Mickelson on Thursday. Or rather, at the feet of Phil Mickelson.

The five-time major champ turned Twitter fiend posted a video of him doing a high kick over one of the show's co-stars, Chris O'Donnell. And fortunately, Mickelson cleared the head of O'Donnell while he covered his eyes in fright. We're not sure if LL Cool J would have been as bold foolish. Anyway, check it out:

Say what you will about Phil — or his, um, interesting Twitter feed — but the dude is pretty freaking limber for a 48-year-old golfer (Mickelson happens to be 10 days older than O'Donnell). That is rock-star-lead-singer flexibility right there.

Also, it appears that Mickelson was clad in that same eye-catching leather jacket he wore during his interview with David Feherty last year. Let's just say he pulls off the high kick better.

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