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This guy's Dustin Johnson and Keegan Bradley impersonations are SCARY accurate

November 08, 2018

Connor Moore is the undisputed king of impressions when it comes to PGA Tour golfers. There is no debate. However, he officially has some SERIOUS competition.

Moore's new foe? Jack Bartlett (@JackBartlett1 on Twitter), who randomly tweeted out this absolutely SCARY accurate impersonation of Dustin Johnson because, according to him, "People have said for years I should put some of my golf impressions on social media." Well, whoever those people are, we cannot thank you enough. Check out his DJ impression, which isn't just him saying "ummm" a lot, it's DJ's mannerisms, walk-up to the ball, follow through, the whole bit:

When I first came across this, I figured it was just a guy doing an OK impression of DJ's voice, which really doesn't take much. Then, when you notice the way he stands, moves his body around and nonchalantly walks up to the ball, all of a sudden it literally looks like Dustin Johnson. Incredible:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 1.39.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 1.39.30 PM.png

If you just showed a golf fan those two photos, they'd have to double take. And look at the follow through!

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 1.40.48 PM.png

Uncanny. And if you really paid attention, you'll notice at address he even did that re-gripping thing Dustin often does with his hands. If we had to nitpick, the bowed wrist at the top isn't quite perfect, but Dustin seems to be the only human on earth that can pull that off. We'll let it slide, Jack.

Just as Bartlett's first video was going viral (close to 50,000 views on Twitter), he tweeted out another impersonation on Thursday, saying "I thought I'd share another with you all. Can you guess who!?" Hmmm, I don't know man, can you give us a hint?

Bravo! Another spot-on impression, which I'm sure you all know is Keegan Bradley. His Keegan is so good that it's garnered nearly 95,000 views on Twitter, and we're sure that will get over 100,000 very soon. Jack was nice enough to heap praise on Connor Moore, so it's clear he's not looking for any bad blood. But the ball is officially in Connor's court.