Take your drop

Wedding argument at Pennsylvania golf course reportedly ends with man driving car into creek fronting 17th green

October 05, 2022

We’ve seen a lot of different reasons for cars maurading across Earth's precious, finely manicured fairways over the years. Intentional vandalization, being chased by brain-eating zombies, Shooter McGavin told me to do it, so on, so forth. But here’s a new one. A man attending a wedding at Glenmaura National Golf Club in Moosic, Pennsylvania recently parked his car in the creek fronting the club’s 17th green following a fight with his wife. According to reports, the man’s wife got out of the car and walked onto the golf course following their disagreement. He pursued in the family’s Chevy sedan, eventually plunging over the rock outcropping into the hazard below like so many Titleists before him.

The police were called to respond to the disturbance, but in the upset of the century, the man was reportedly sober, no damage was done to the course, and no charges were filed. The vehicle, however, did need to be winched from the creek, so here’s hoping he lays up next time.

In the end, the only official repercussion handed down was to the members whose wedding was held at the club. They have been allegedly barred from hosting any other events on club property for two years. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, let this be a lesson to all our betrothed readers to keep your guest lists tight and trusted.