Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em

Another day, another absolutely insane fight on a golf course, this one involving former MMA fighters (!!)

Fighting strangers is dumb for a number of reasons, chief among them: you have no idea who you're going up against. You may think you "can take him," and then "him" turns out to be a dude with UFC aspirations who has been training for these type of moments his entire life.

The last place you'd think you'd have to worry about that, though, is the golf course. Then again, that golf course is becoming a place where throwing hands is common, or so the internet will have us believe. Last week, a video emerged of a slow-play situation getting out of hand at a course in Florida (obviously), leading to a humiliating failed kick and an all-time question. A few months earlier, a legendary rant during a club championship match in Australia caught our attention.

This week, we make our way to Bailey Ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma, site of one of the most one-sided fights you'll ever see. T.J. Eckert, the Sports Director at News Channel 8 in Tulsa, tweeted out the original video that was sent to him without any added context: 

Man, can't we all just get along? Evidently, no, especially at the golf course. 

A few hours after the video had gone viral, Eckert provided the context we needed. As the story goes, the three guys chucking knucks (Bald guy in black pants, other guy in black pants, guy in pink shirt) said that there were kids running around on the golf course, and they told the kids to get back on the other side of the fence so that they didn't get hit by errant shots. A lady on the other side of the fence, presumably one of the kids mothers, began yelling at the golfers, threatening that the dads of the kids would come out and fight them. 

The ony teeny tiny problem with that? The golfers are former MMA fighters... 

To repeat, you have absolutely no idea who you're going up against when you decide to fight strangers, be it at a bar, a sporting event or the freaking golf course, further driving home the point that fighting is never the answer. One minute you're talking tough—or, in this case, your wife is hanging you out to dry—and the next you're getting a right hook, left-hand uppercut combo and going nighty-night on a Monday afternoon, wondering where it all went wrong. 

By the way, if this story is to be believed, it's impossible not to side with the MMA guys. They're trying to make sure these kids don't get clocked in the head with a golf ball and they end up getting threatened? And then for the poor dads to actually follow through on fighting them, well, they got what was coming to them. Of course, it's entirely possible the MMA guys were being too aggressive about it and looking for a fight, too. I'm sure there will be more to come.