Golf Fights!

Crazy fight on golf course ends with humiliating failed kick and an all-time question

April 26, 2023

This past weekend's Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia bout was billed as one of the biggest boxing matches in years. But while you had to fork over $84.99 to watch Davis' 7th-round knockout on Pay-Per-View, we were treated to a much more entertaining fight on a golf course a few days later for free. Thank you, camera phones.

You know we love a good on-course skirmish, and this one—which apparently went down at Cleveland Heights Golf Course in Lakeland, Fla.—has it all. From fantastic commentary ("Dude, we could go viral!") to heated yelling ("BRING IT, BI---!") to actual punches thrown(!) to even some kicking. Wild stuff.

As you can tell in the clip, the fight is over slow play ("IT'S THE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF US, WE CAN'T GO ANY FASTER!". Shocking, I know. Talk about a tale as old as time. But despite the unoriginal plot, this is easily one of the best scuffles we've ever come across. Have a look and listen for yourself at this gem discovered by Zire Golf:

What a scene. There's so much gold packed into 45 seconds, but two things clearly stand out. First, the kick, or failed kick (Who kicks?!), near the end where the kicker winds up falling on his butt. (We can laugh because no one appeared to be hurt other than some bruised egos.)

And then there's an all-time question delivered to a course employee when he finally shows up to try to calm things down. "Where the f--- you been, ranger?" LOL yep, this one is an instant classic.

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