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Golf Twitter stunned by yet another Bryson DeChambeau transformation

As both a golfer and a person, Bryson DeChambeau has gone through a number of transformations since being in the public eye. His most famous, or infamous, transformation of all, however, was when he went through his "bulk up" phase, which led to some prodigious gains off the tee but also some issues with his body.

This past fall, DeChambeau, who had added nearly 50 pounds in an effort to become the longest hitter on tour, admitted he may have taken it a bit too far. That led him to the Whole-30 diet, which helped him lose 20 pounds in a month.

So we knew DeChambeau was shedding weight, but it's one thing to say it and another to see it. In his latest Instagram post, the Mad Scientist/Incredible Bulk looks as fit as ever, to the point where it's actually a jarring image to see him so skinny again:

Compare that with some of the photos below and it'll really remind you just how beefy this boy had gotten:

The most noticeable difference is obviously in his face, but it's his frame that's extra-shocking. Man is looking rail thin in his latest photo, at least in comparison to these. 

"B is looking slim," wrote one Instagram user. "You lose 75 pounds?" asked another. "What happened to the bombs?" wrote another commenter. As for people on Twitter, well, it was mostly baseless "he's not taking steroids anymore" claims, which is just about the most Twitter thing we can think of.