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Tony Finau caddieing for his kids after winning is another reason it's impossible to not love Tony Finau

When you have five children, you don't get much "me" time. This is especially true for Tony Finau, who has been traveling with all five kids and his wife Alayna for each of the past two seasons on the PGA Tour.

If anyone was deserving of some "me" time on Sunday evening, though, it was Finau. A five-under 65 in the final round of the Mexico Open saw him comfortably defeat World No. 1 and defending champion Jon Rahm by three strokes, good enough for the sixth tour win of his career and his fourth in the last nine months.  

That called for a celebration of sorts. Perhaps a large meal, something Finau is rather fond of. We don't doubt he and the rest of his gang chowed down after the W, but just four short hours after raising another trophy, Finau could be seen carrying his kids' golf bags around a local par-3 course, under the lights:

This appears to be Finau, his oldest son Jraice and his second-youngest, Sage. The trio was out late last night at The Lakes Course at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, a par 3 course with lights just down the road from Vidanta Vallarta, where Finau had just won. Big Tone double-bagging it like an absolute trooper. What a great dad, though Finau would likely tell you these are just his normally fatherly duties. Still, coming off a win, with Wells Fargo and a bunch of other important tournaments coming up, he very easily could have said "kids, not tonight, dad needs to rest." Anything for the kids, though, especially after they've been watching you play golf all week. We'd imagine Jraice was itching to get out there himself, and there's no way Finau would deny his son a chance to get better.