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The Georgia Southern lineman who chugged a beer on top of a moving team bus has been suspended, officials say

September 28, 2021

Each and every Monday from September to December, we anoint our College Football Star of the Week. While the recipients vary in age, race, creed, and university affiliation, there is one constant: They have ALWAYS exhibited excellence in the field of college football insanity. This week it was a referee chowing down on Skittles mid-game. Earlier this season it was an intrepid reporter wading through the detritus of a Gamecocks tailgate. Over the years it’s been kickers and coaches and fans. But we are here to admit a mistake. We are to stand up straight, look you in the eye, and be the first to tell you we got it wrong. Because the actual College Football Star of the Week: Week 4 is in fact Georgia Southern lineman Gavin Adock, who was suspended on Monday for chugging a beer on top of a moving team bus this weekend. Look upon glory and weep.

What a grab, what a chug. And while it wasn’t enough to propel the Eagles to a win over the Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana, for a brief, shining moment it gave them hope. Unfortunately Adock flew too close to the sun, and paid the ultimate price, being suspended from the program indefinitely on Monday. Following news of his suspension, he issued the following apology.

Needless to say, Adock could use all the love and support we can give him right now. He’s learned a valuable lesson here: If you’re going to chug a beer from atop a moving school bus, do it after the game. But what is college for if not learning? So for that reason (plus the incredible video, which deserves to be played on loop at the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame for the rest of time) we are here to right a wrong:

Gavin Adock, you are our co-College Football Star of the Week. Congratulations, you earned it.