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The entire Notre Dame offensive line is now sponsored by a South Bend pizza joint in most fitting CFB endorsement deal yet

In case you haven’t been paying attention, college football endorsements are the new wild, wild west. After a Supreme Court ruling last month that deemed NCAA restrictions on education-related benefits to be in violation of antitrust law, athletes’ names and likeness have become fair game. Bo Nix immediately signed a sweet tea deal. The likes of Graham Mertz and Spencer Rattler quickly minted their own logos. Everywhere everyone scrambled to grab a piece of the pie, but nowhere more than literally than in South Bend, where the entire Notre Dame offensive line is now officially sponsored by local pizza joint Jet’s Pizza. Don’t ever let anyone tell you capitalism is evil.

Of all the endorsements we’ve seen so far, this is far and away the best. Deep-dish pizza. Hog Mollies. The middle west. It’s a menage a trois made in marketing heaven ... even if the Fighting Irish nutrition department doesn’t exactly agree. Heck, even the slogan is perfect: Life is short, eat better pizza. Get Don Draper up in this bish. He's going to LOVE that.

Anyway, Notre Dame kick off the 2021 season September 5th against Florida State, before facing two rare Big Ten tilts—home against Purdue and away against Wisconsin—before the start of October. Eat up, boys. You’re going to need your strength.