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Auburn QB Bo Nix wasted literally no time announcing his first endorsement deal

July 01, 2021

Earlier this week, at long last, the NCAA announced that college athletes would be able to benefit from their name, image and likeness, starting on July 1. The no-brainer move opened all sorts of doors for players, and you'd expect many of them to dive into the pool headfirst immediately.

No one.... and I mean NO ONE dove in quicker than Auburn quarterback Bo Nix, a notorious gunslinger that is already slinging around sweet tea faster than you can say "War Eagle!" At 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning, July 1, Nix announced his first endorsement deal with Milo's, a famous sweet tea that is huge in the South, obviously:

All we can say is GO (clap emoji) OFF (clap emoji) KING (clap emoji). Sixty seconds into this brave new world and Nix is already dominating it. What's hilarious is, he kinda stinks, at least if you are one of the unlucky few who has wagered real American dollars on him to A. win a football game or B. cover a spread in a football game. He plays like a maniac, turns the ball over constantly, and has a pedestrian QB record of 15-9, which ain't getting you near the college football playoff any time soon. BUT, he did beat Alabama in his first try, and he is no doubt entertaining to watch. With two years of eligibility left and a very unsure NFL future, this dude better cash the F--- in while he can. Nothing but respect for this move. 

Now, let's see how Alabama fans are handling the news:

College football season can't get here soon enough.