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Did George Pickens just make the greatest catch in NFL history? The internet is saying maybe

September 23, 2022

What’s the greatest catch in NFL history? It’s a question that has confounded scholars for decades. Is it Lynn Swann’s Super Bowl bobbler? David Tyree’s helmet hail mary? Odell Beckham Jr.’s backbreaker? Perhaps it is simply “The Catch”? The answer to that question moves mountains and mobilizes armies. It depends massively on the who, what, where, and when of your present context. But one thing we can all agree on after Thursday’s AFC North tilt between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, is that Steelers wideout George Pickens is now firmly in the conversation.

Holy stickum, Batman. Making matters even more ridiculous is the fact that this grab—sort of a reverse Beckham, in which Pickens is running forward at full speed but somehow manages to contort himself backward to make the catch—came after the rookie publicly complained about not getting the ball when open this week. Maybe he was onto something ...

These sort of circus catches are nothing new for Pickens, who has graced these digital pages with his physics-defying snaggery before. Does that make it the greatest catch ever of all-time in history though? The internet is saying maybe … but first he’s gotta beat Pete.