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The best catch of college football season happened before college football season even started

We are now just 12 days away from the start of college football season, which is odd given that the catch of the year in college football already happened. Allow us to explain.

Unless you're a diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan or you're deep into the college football recruiting scene, George Pickens might not be a name you've heard of . . . yet. The soon-to-be freshman wide receiver is trying to change that before he even suits up in his first college game. Over the weekend, a video of a catch Pickens made in practice went viral, and it's a snag that will be tough to top in college football this season. Check out the grainy video footage that was released into the wild on Saturday and has since gotten over 400,000 views:

Let's watch again, shall we?

Folks, that catch is good in college, the NFL and on the moon. My word. A mix of Odell Beckham Jr. and Tyrone Prothro (if you remember that name and his legendary catch, I tip my cap to you, fellow college football nerd).

Apparently, these type of grabs are the norm for Pickens, whose high school coach, Josh Niblett, tweeted out "Saw it everyday for 3 years, that is just routine for George. You ain’t see anything yet," after the video was making the rounds. Georgia fans might finally have their replacement for A.J. Green, who Pickens is being compared to. Decent company, some would say. If Pickens is anything close to Green, he'll be one of the four or five best receivers in school history. For now, we're comfortable giving him the nod for "best catch made in summer practice that lit the Internet on fire" in school history.