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RIP Gaylord Perry, who gave us the most out-of-this-world (literally) sports story of all time

December 02, 2022

MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

Despite what some of the young whippersnappers around the office might think, I am not old enough to remember watching Gaylor Perry pitch. Actually, they wouldn't think that because they've probably never even heard of Gaylord Perry. The guy pitched until he was 44, but his final season in the majors happened when I was still in diapers. Look it up.

Anyway, sadly, the Hall-of-Fame pitcher passed away on Thursday. But memories of his career that included two Cy Young Awards and a no-hitter live on. Nothing that he did on the mound, however, can possibly top the literally out-of-this-world story he tells in the following video.

It involves the Moon Landing and Perry finally hitting a baseball into the stratosphere. As well as an unbelievable prediction by one of his managers. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to what Perry appropriately calls, "The Man on the Moon Story":

Seriously, that's the best delivery of Perry's career. What a freaking story! Just the names alone are incredible. Alvin Dark. Harry JUPITER! Are you kidding?! Amazing.

But of course, the most amazing part is the timing of it all. Dark says there will be a man on the moon before Perry hits his first big league home run. Five years later, we land a man on the moon. And just minutes later, Perry hits his first home run?! What a call by Dark! Unreal stuff.

For the record, Perry wound up slugging five more home runs to run his career total to six. It's no 314 wins, but for a pitcher, it's not too shabby. Anyway, RIP Gaylord.