Well Played

Eddie Pepperell puts an end to a ridiculous Tiger Woods debate with hilarious self dagger

December 02, 2022

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The debate over whether Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time is nothing new. Both obviously have strong cases—and support from fans whose decision typically splits based on how old they were when Woods arrived on the scene. But a new debate started this week pitting Tiger against . . . the Shark?

Woods' words against the LIV Golf CEO led to the following tweet from our friends at The Caddie Network. A tweet that, not surprisingly, drew some spirited responses.

Nice job stirring up some social #engagement. But one especially pro Greg Norman reply caught their attention—as well as the attention of the rest of Golf Twitter:

A couple things to note here. For one, Greg Norman was one helluva player in his prime. Yeah, yeah, he had a lot of heartbreaking finishes/brutal chokes at major championships, but the dude won nearly 100 times around the world and spent 331 weeks at World No. 1—a mark only topped by, you guessed it, Tiger. (683 weeks, by the way. LOL.)

For another, the question isn't asking who had the better career, but who would win when both were at their best. And if we're talking one round, anything is possible. Heck, another Aussie, Nick O'Hern, knocked Woods out of the WGC Match Play. Twice! These guys are (all) good.

So if you're talking about one 18-hole round, or even one 72-hole tournament it's a silly debate (Although Norman might have an edge for 54 holes . . . zing!). And Mr. Cantrell is certainly entitled to his opinion. As long as that opinion isn't that Greg was better than Tiger overall. You know, because Tiger won more majors in 2000 than Greg won in his entire career.

Anyway, two-time European Tour winner—and Prince of Golf Twitter if Max Homa is King—Eddie Pepperell ended this silly debate in typically perfect fashion. By dragging himself.

Well played, Eddie. OK, everyone, let's follow Eddie's lead and get back to debating things that actually matter now. Or not.