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Gareth Bale has been retired less than 48 hours and Pep Guardiola is already trying to set up a tee time with him

January 10, 2023

On Monday, Gareth Bale ended one of the most decorated and, at times, electric careers in modern soccer, announcing his retirement at the age of 33. Bale will walk away from the game with five Champions League trophies, three La Liga titles, and one MLS Cup to his name. It is an unimpeachable resume but for one thing:

He loved golf too much.

For whatever reason—the hyperbolic nature of Spanish media, the infamous “Wales. Golf. Madrid.” banner—that will be how much of the soccer world remembers Gareth Bale. That’s not entirely fair, but his reputation as a card-carrying golf-aholic is already serving him well in retirement. Less than 24 hours after the Welshman’s announcement, he is already receiving invites to tee it up from all across sports, including from Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola, a mad-hatter-level soccer genius currently pushing to win his fifth Premier League title in the last six seasons. Watch the man crush blossom.

Oh to be a fly on that headcover. Why is Guardiola so eager to play 18 with Bale you might ask? Well, for all his accomplishments and accolades, Guardiola has failed to lead both Bayern Munich and Manchester City—two of the most powerful clubs on earth—to Champions League glory over the past decade. It has morphed from a media narrative to self-fulfilling prophecy in recent years, and who better to talk Guardiola out of it than Mr. Champions League himself?

Unlike Bale, Guardiola’s dance card is going to be pretty full between now and the end of the season, but the Champions League final isn’t until June 10th. We’re pretty sure the pair can work out a tee time before then.