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What's the Rush?

Watch four European Tour pros play a 501-yard par 5 in 24.75 seconds

October 18, 2021

Golf is an individual sport. That’s half the beauty of it. No matter who you're competing against, it always comes down to you vs. yourself. But as we saw at the Ryder Cup last month, incredible things can happen when you get a team of professionals operating as one well-oiled machine. That’s exactly what happened this weekend when a foursome of European Tour pros joined forces in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest single hole of golf played by a team of four golfers.

In order to ink their names into that giant tome of highest, fastests, and mostests, the quartet had to eclipse the previous mark of 27.88 seconds. To do so, they chose Valderrama Golf Club’s 501-yard, par-5 fourth, and put mega-hitter Wilco Nienaber on the tee. The rest—after a couple of gallons of blood, sweat, and tears—is history.

Obviously when you're dealing in inches and seconds, there's a lot of elements at play, but this record really boils down to one hell of an approach shot from Sean Crocker. He runs up to Nienaber’s drive at the left edge of the fairway and without a single wiggle or waggle, hits it softly to three feet, where Min Woo Lee is there for the tap in. Nicolai Højgaard is on hand to pull the pin, also putting him in the running for the Guinness World Records title of "Easiest Job on Earth."

In the end, the foursome finished the hole with a time of 24.75 seconds, smashing the old record by three whole ticks of the stopwatch and putting them on pace for a seven-and-a-half minute round. Pretty incredible stuff across the board and a BIG win for pace-of-play crusaders across the world.