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High school state tournament features the most diabolical pin position in golf history

October 18, 2021

We've all seen those videos showing a silly pin position in which someone narrowly misses a putt, the ball then rolls off the green, and everyone else besides the person putting starts howling with laughter. It's hilarious when it's just a few buddies playing a weekend round—even with a few bucks on the line. But it hits a little different when it happens during a high school state golf tournament.

Such was the case this past week in Ohio for the OHSAA Division II tournament at NorthStar Golf Club in Sunbury. Get ready to insert whatever "Whoever set the pins had a rough night!" jokes because the hole location on the par-4 12th during the opening round was nothing short of diabolical.

OK, so you can't tell much from that photo. Although, the scoring average and the reports of multiple 5-putts and some 8+(!)-putts is pretty wild. But a bit later, someone sent in a video that better showed what these kids were facing:

That is rough. It's basically like that volcano hole in mini-golf where the ball has to go in or it's coming back to your feet.

Needless to say, people were NOT happy about the situation:

Including PGA Tour winner Ryan Armour, who hails from Akron:

And, yes, the obligatory Zach Johnson "They've lost the golf course" screenshot:

Kudos to junior Conner Ritter of Magnolia Sandy Valley for winning the individual title by four shots. Even more impressive? In the first round, he managed to make par on No. 12.