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ESPN unveils new college football anthem by Imagine Dragons so get ready to hear it 8 million times this fall (rough estimate)

Imagine Dragons In Concert - Clarkston, Michigan

Scott Legato

If you couldn't tell from my posts about a backup lineman from LSU lifting 600 pounds, Mike Vick playing flag football or games that won't occur until December, I am EXTREMELY ready for football season. To further hammer that point home, here's some news about ESPN's new college football anthem, which will be hammered into your head until you eventually throw your television out the window this fall:

Ah, yes. When I think of Clemson touching Howard's Rock and running down the hill before taking on Florida State on Saturday night primetime, I immediately think of Imagine Dragons, don't you? Hey, if it works for Patrick Reed ...

Have a listen to the song in question before you hear it 8 million times between August and January (rough estimate):

To be honest, pretty underwhelming, especially compared to its counterparts in recent years. Mind-numbing classics like Fall Out Boy's REMEMBAHHHHHH ME FA CENTURRRIIESSSSSSS:

Or 30 Seconds To Mars' "I'd rather listen to Fergie sing the National Anthem" hit .. WALK ON WATAHHHHHHHHHH:

I'm sure the sheer volume of replays throughout the college football season will make "Natural" just as memorably annoying as the rest, but it doesn't seem to pack that same punch of previous years. The type of punch that could be considered borderline torture in some countries. But hey, if listening to this song means college football is getting closer, then roll the Georgia vs. Alabama tape, hand me that aux cord and fire it up. CAUSE YOU'RE A NATURALLLLL!!!!!