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Mike Vick is BACK and he's throwing frickin' laser beams (in flag football)

If you've read anything I've written in the past few weeks (it will be on the final exam, by the way) then you've noticed I've got the itch for football season. It's gotten so bad that I couldn't help but check out this flag football thing that was on NFL Network Saturday night.

Admittedly, I had no idea what it was or when this whole thing started (in 2017, apparently), but this "AFFL" has a website and full roster breakdowns and all that jazz. Last weekend was the amateur teams tournament, which consisted of four squads of legitimate flag football players that have high school, Division III, Division III and even Arena League and CFL experience. This weekend was the Pro team tournament, which consisted of four teams that include the likes of former NFLers like Chad Johnson and Brandon Browner, as well as former NBA players Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer. More importantly though, Mike Vick was playing QB for a team called the Roadrunners.

Anytime Vick laces 'em up, whether it be in an NFL game or a patch of dirt, it's going to be worth watching. Except that stint on the Jets, of course. On Saturday night, No. 7 was back and throwing frickin' laser beams all over the field just like old times. Here he is pump-faking a safety into another dimension and firing a bullet down the seam to former NFL tight end Evan Rodriguez:

A few drives later Vick made Ochocinco look like a complete fool on a TD down the right sideline to fellow Virginia Tech Hokie Aaron Rouse:

Earlier in the game Vick went full Madden 2004 playmaker, scrambling to his left and throwing back across his body to a diving Jarrett Boykin, who scored three touchdowns during his three years with the Green Bay Packers between 2012 and 2014:

Here's some more of Vick's full highlights:

Unfortunately, Vick's team lost, so we won't be seeing him in next week's final. I'm sure he's available for NFL Training Camp though, and I think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could use a QB for a few games this fall. Just saying.

Vick wasn't the only one making plays either. Team Ocho's QB Jerrod Johnson, a former star at Texas A+M, dropped a 55-yard dime for the first TD of the game:

On Sunday night, the Nate Robinson and Carlos Boozer-led Holdat team takes on Team Godspeed, a squad that includes Justin Forsett, Jacoby Jones, Seneca Wallace and Jahvid Best. If you've got nothing else going on, it's football on a Sunday night so you might as well watch. Plus, Matt Barnes is on the Holdat team, so there's a decent chance a brawl breaks out.