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Michael Vick is going to dominate a new flag football league -- and you'll be able to watch

March 02, 2018

Kevin C. Cox

Michael Vick could have been the greatest football player ever. There was just one problem. No, not his legal troubles, although those were bad, too. I'm talking about the fact that he got injured basically every time he got tackled.

It wasn't Vick's fault. He had a small frame (Him being listed at 6 feet, 215 pounds is LOL) and he liked to take off an run with the ball because he was faster than anyone in history not named Usain Bolt. At least it seemed that way. And I used to play with the Atlanta Falcons in Madden all the time in college just so I could attempt QB scrambles with him like this:

Vick, 37, is retired from the NFL now, but he's just starting his career in the sport he was truly made for: flag football. Vick is one of the stars of the newly created American Flag Football League, which debuted in 2017 with an exhibition game, but will now put on a tournament this summer. And if there's an MVP of the league, there's never been a bigger lock. Vick is going to absolutely dominate.

AFFL founder and CEO Jeffrey Lewis is describing it as the "American Idol" of flag football because there will be 128 teams competing to have a shot at playing one of the league's teams led by stars like Vick, Chad Ochocinco, Nate Robinson and four-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson. OK, so he's another guy who might have been faster than Vick at his peak. Maybe.

Anyway, the best part is that 11 of these games will be televised on the NFL Network between June 29 and July 19. Watching Michael Vick make defenders look silly again will be fun. And it will be even more fun for Vick knowing he can't get hit anymore.