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Brotherly Love

Eli Manning, Ole Miss Rebel, perfectly trolled Peyton Manning, Tennessee Volunteer, after Lane Kiffin golf ball incident

October 20, 2021

This weekend, like almost every weekend so far this fall, Lane Kiffin stole the college football headlines when he marched into Rocky Top, pelted by pee bottles and yellow golf balls, and took down the Volunteers in a 31-26 thriller. For his efforts in the face of adversity (and airborne human waste) we named Kiffin our College Football Star of the Week, a title he more than earned. Suddenly, however, a new contender has stepped into the ring thanks to this all-time, black-belt SEC troll job. His name? Eli Manning.

As you may know, Eli Manning is a Rebel through and through. Peyton, meanwhile, is a Volunteer until death. They love each other because they have to—they’re brothers, after all—but when it comes to Ole Miss-Tennessee, it might as well be Antietam. They don’t play that often, but when they do, the gloves come off, and this year Eli scored the TKO. (Remember when he was the un-funny Manning? Yeah, neither do we).

Ole Miss and Tennessee don’t meet again until at least 2026. By that point, Kiffin could be coaching Alabama, the SEC could be the only remaining conference in the nation, and we could be cohabitating with little green aliens. So savor the brotherly beef while it’s here and get ready for Monday night, when the Manningcast returns to ESPN. Somethings tells us Eli will be wearing blue.