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Tom Brady still wants absolutely no part of facing Eli Manning

For New York Giants fans, reminding the haters that Eli Manning is 2-0 vs. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl will never, ever get old. The fact it still triggers New England Patriots fans despite their franchise’s six Super Bowl victories is the sweet, delicious, frosty icing on the cake.

It’s also become a nice running joke on the internet, that Eli is the one guy Brady never wants to face. As funny as it sounds, there’s clearly some truth to it, and Brady confirmed just as much in a quote on a recent podcast appearance.

On Sunday, May 24, Brady will be competing with partner Phil Mickelson in The Match: Champions for Charity. Their opponent is the duo of Tiger Woods and Eli’s brother, Peyton Manning, who Brady owned (for the most part) on the football field throughout their careers. On Tuesday, Brady was asked if he was tired of beating Peyton on the Le Batard and Friends podcast, and he had the perfect answer:

TB12 was more-than likely just joshing, but, then again, there’s a chance he still has nightmares of Eli’s many faces while “CAUGHT BY TYREE” or “CAUGHT BY MANNINGHAM” plays in the background on repeat. Terrifying stuff.

Here’s the thing: he’d be better off playing against Eli on the golf course. Peyton’s been as low as a 4 handicap and, depending on where you look, is currently hovering between a 6 and an 8. Eli, meanwhile, is playing to a 10. On second thought, Eli is probably a very sneaky-good 10 who always comes up clutch on the final few holes. Brady definitely wants no part of that.