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In Memoriam: Saying goodbye to the Eli Manning face

September 17, 2019

Tuesday morning was the end of an era in New York sports. Well, technically the second, if you count the McAdoo fiasco. Finally, after months of saying they wouldn't, the New York Football Giants went ahead and did, announcing that Daniel Jones—the 6th overall draft pick that every Giants jabroni despised in April and has been begging for since August—would be taking over the reigns of their sickly, bow-legged husk of a franchise moving forward.

The beginning of the Jones era in the Meadowlands, however, also marks the sad end of Eli Manning's. The two-time Super Bowl champ has been put out to pasture, and while Giants faithful may have renewed hope—and more importantly, for Mara management, a reason to show up to the stadium on Sundays—there is an undercurrent of melancholy as well. The Man Who Tom Couldn't Beat has become nothing more than a memory, immortalized in dusty legends and, if all goes to according to plan, perhaps even a bronze bust. Thus to pay tribute, we have assembled a touching in memoriam to the NFL's greatest meme, the Eli face, which, if God wills it, will soon be plying its trade on a pre-game show near you.

Film Session Eli


Do You Guys Smell That Eli


Date Eli


Do You Guys Smell That Eli 2: Eli's Revenge


Dead Inside Eli


Do You Guys Smell That Eli 3: The Final Chapter


Baywatch Eli


Watching a Magic Trick Eli

New England Patriots v New York Giants

Jeff Zelevansky

Walking Dead Eli


OK, Who Peed in My Gatorade Again Eli

New York Jets v New York Giants

Al Pereira



Officer, There's No Need to Open the Trunk Eli

Jets & Giants Team Members Celebrate MetLife Stadium

Slaven Vlasic

Peyton Took My Ice Cream Eli


Life is Suffering Eli

NFL: AUG 16 Preseason - Giants at Jets

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Thanks for the memories...