Always Be Golfing

Dwyane Wade getting courtside swing tips from Tony Finau is your wholesome golf content of the week

October 21, 2021

As any golfer with mileage on the ol’ cart tires will tell you, learning the game is hard but improving your game is even harder. Range balls don’t hit themselves. Lessons are expensive. You could always give Golf Digest Schools a shot (shameless plug!), but you still have to make some tough decisions: What kind of golfer do I want to be? Which old habits do I scrap and which new ones do I keep? The devil is in the details, after all.

If you’re an NBA legend like Dwyane Wade, however, things are a bit easier. You get to soak up the tao of guys like Tiger Woods and occasionally you even get swing tips from the 11th-ranked golfer on planet earth while sitting courtside at a Utah Jazz game. If that seems oddly specific, well, that’s because it is …

That was Wade and Tony Finau at the Jazz’s season opener on Wednesday, working on keeping those wrists locked up tight through impact. Wade recently purchased an ownership stake in the Jazz, and the move is clearly paying dividends … at least when it comes to his golf game.

From our Average Joe perspective, however, it’s just cool to see two professional athletes talking shop like we do. Sure, Finau is slightly more qualified to be handing out swing advice than you or your dumbass buddies, but to see Wade—a surefire NBA Hall of Famer—taking it on board and making it his own, is exactly what’s so cool about golf. It’s the great equalizer. It turns superstars into students and suburban dads into superstars.

On that note, you better watch out, Tony. Give away too many trade secrets and D-Wade will be striping it past you in no time.