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Dutch amateur makes his submission for grossest-looking hands in golf

September 14, 2019

Two years ago, Alex Noren showed off what at the time looked like the grossest hands in all of golf, highlighting that the sport isn't nearly as soft as some people might think. Sure, these guys aren't taking hits like they're in the NFL, or setting their feet and taking a charge in the NBA, or getting their teeth knocked out like in the NHL, or, (I've got nothing for baseball. Those guys are pretty soft), but beating balls on the range all day can certainly take a toll. Don't believe us? Let's check out that pic of Noren's mitts again:

Ouch. Noren has struggled of late on the course, but at the time this photo was taken, he had climbed all the way to 17th in the world. It's easy to see why. The man was putting in WORK.

Earlier this year, Jordan Spieth gave Noren's paws some competition when "The Dan Patrick Show"'s cameras gave fans a closer look at the three-time major champ's callused hands:

Not as gross looking as Noren's, but still pretty beat up. Golf is a sport, we swear!

If those two examples weren't enough, this next one should do the trick. On Friday, the European Tour tweeted out a photo of Dutch amateur Koen Kouwenaar holding up his left hand to show off his wounds. All we can say in our best Billy Madison voice is Koen, you're scaring us!

Cripes. Maybe take just one day off my guy. Although, the hard work seems to be paying off, as Kouwenaar is the 28th ranked amateur in the world and opened with rounds of 68 and 70 at the KLM. While many of us wouldn't be able to grip a club with those hands, Kouwenaar shot six under over the first 36 holes. Next time you think golfers aren't athletes, kindly refer back to this article, and definitely DON'T refer to this one or this one. Deal? Deal.