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You need to see the callouses on this pro golfer's hands

December 13, 2017

Who says golf isn't tough work? It might not be working as a tradesman out in the field, but to be as good as a tour pro, you need to practice, and practice, and then practice some more.

We have the latest bit of evidence of just how much that practice takes a toll on pro golfers from European Tour pro Alex Noren, thanks to a photo shared via his tour buddy Kristoffer Broberg. Apparently Noren, known as one of the hardest workers on the tour, wears two gloves to protect his hands after all those practice shots.

Noren has transformed himself into one of the best players in the world with his success in the past two years. And now we see what it takes to turn yourself into an elite golfer.

If anyone doubted golfers were tough, this should put that argument to rest. Those are the hands of a tough, working man.