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Watch the worst—and most amazing—shot ever hit on the Road Hole at St. Andrews

September 12, 2019

OK, so maybe it wasn't the worst shot ever hit at the famed Road Hole at St. Andrews. There have been so many through the years that the Old Course Hotel, which juts out towards the fairway of the Old Course's 17th, installed a rubber roof a few years back. Apparently, errant tee shots were costing the establishment as much as $2,000 per week in shingle replacement. That's a lot of shingles!

So, again, hitting the Old Course Hotel is nothing new. But having your golf ball bounce right back to you when you do? Now that is an impressive feat. And one that was luckily caught on camera. Check it out:

Is it possible the entire hotel is covered in rubber now? Because that was quite the bounce.

In any event, this golfer has a memory that will last a lifetime. And unlike most golfers who send that intimidating tee shot right, he was was only hitting two for his next shot.