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Watch Dustin Johnson narrowly avoid a gruesome champagne cork injury

October 31, 2022

LIV Golf's 4 Aces can't seem to lose these days. Team captain Dustin Johnson, however, nearly lost an eye during Sunday's festivities at Doral.

That may be a bit of a stretch, but Johnson was shot with a champagne cork as he kicked off the celebration after his squad captured the inaugural LIV Team Championship along with the $16 million prize. And it was a BIG Champagne bottle at that.

Watch as Johnson is attempting to open the bottle as the clork flies up and ricochets off his face. The normally nonchalant golfer gives a stunned reaction and then shields himself as Cameron Smith waves another champagne bottle in his face. Have a look:

Wow. That definitely could have done some damage. Most surprising is that Johnson would make such a careless bogey because DJ definitely knows his way around a champagne bottle.

Anyway, fortunately no golfers were (seriously) hurt during the making of that video. Although as one fellow co-worker pointed out, DJ with an eye patch would really complete the LIV Golf Bond villain look.

Regardless, the 38-year-old capped a season in which he made a ridiculous $35 million so we're guessing the champagne will continue to flow wherever he heads next to celebrate. DJ just might want to let someone else pop the bottles.