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It sure sounds like Dustin Johnson flexed all over Ian Poulter's reported $30 million offer to play in new golf league

February 02, 2022

Luke Walker/WME IMG

Following a Tuesday Telegraph report that Ian Poulter had been offered £22 million to join the upstart Super Golf League, the general reaction went something like, "£22 million for Ian Poulter?!" After all, £22 million works out to about $30 million, and Ian Poulter is a 46-year-old golfer who has won one tournament in the past nine years.

Of course, there's much more to Poulter with the Ryder Cup heroics, the flashy clothes and the on-course antics, but again, $30 million?! Really?! That's a lot of buck for not much bang, particularly at this point in his career.

But as is the case with most things, it all depends on your perspective. And when it came to Dustin Johnson, he had a much different reaction to the report. Like most players asked about this potential Saudi Arabia-backed PGA Tour rival, Johnson wouldn't get into specifics—Lee Westwood went as far as anyone by saying he's signed an NDA. But when asked, "You haven't had a similar offer?," DJ offered this:

"No, not similiar," Johnson said with a laugh at his pre-tournament press conference for this week's Saudi International. "It's just not similar."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you flex. By laughing at a $30 million offer. Literally.

It's unclear how hard Johnson is being courted, but you can just imagine how much green a green jacket winner would be worth. Especially when, again, they're willing to give Ian Poulter that much. No offense, Ian.