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Make Way For Ducklings

Mother duck and ducklings relocated from Oak Hill practice green, provide best highlight of PGA Championship so far

There’s no shortage of feel-good stories at Oak Hill Country Club this week. Heck, it’s the PGA Championship, a major that’s entire premise is an underdog story. But of all the heartwarming plotlines emerging in Western New York—Michael Block’s brief run, Bryson’s return to form, Tom Kim falling in mud—the most “awwww”-worthy moment so far belongs to a bunch of ducks. Well, technically ducklings.

This ain’t Boston but fans and players alike had to make way for ducklings on Friday morning after a family of fowl interrupted business on the practice putting green. Tournament officials carefully gathered up the ducklings in a box. With mama and a full entourage of assistants in tow, they made their way to a nearby stream, providing the most memorable golf escort since Rory woke up late for the 2012 Ryder Cup.

Obviously the nature lovers in the audience will have questions about who was really in the way who, but all’s well that ends well, and this story certainly did, with the mama and her brood happily paddling off to warmer waters and greener pastures. If that doesn’t make you feel a tingle deep down in your cold, dead heart, then there's nothing more we can do for you.