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PGA Championship 2023: Joel Dahmen buys day's worth of (expensive) beer for fan he hit with tee shot

May 18, 2023

No one picked up as many new fans from Netflix's first season of "Full Swing" than Joel Dahmen. Well, maybe other than Sahith Theegala's dad. But on Wednesday at Oak Hill, the PGA Tour winner certainly earned at least one more loyal supporter—even if he had to pay for it.

During his final practice round ahead of the 2023 PGA Championship, Dahmen hit an errant tee shot that wound up hitting a fan in the calf. Ouch. But after checking to make sure the guy was OK, Dahmen also also asked how much beers are at Oak Hill, probably because he remembers the $20 ones from Southern Hills last year. As we know from that fourth episode, Dahmen is a man who likes to enjoy a drink or two when he hits the course.

Anyway, after learning the PGA was charging a slightly less outrageous $17 this year, he declared, "I got your beers today," and left the dude with a $100. What a guy! Have a look:

Just a classy move right there. And what a deal for that fan. That mark on his leg doesn't even look that bad! We're guessing he had a great rest of the day. And as for Joel? He's the early clubhouse leader in good karma this week.

Well played, Joel. We'd take that over a signed golf glove any day.