Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches

PGA National (Champion Course)

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Bird helps golfer break 80 with luckiest eagle ever

Sometimes you need a little luck to break 80 (or so we're told).

A kick here or there, a friendly roll or a fortunate break. These are all critical, but nothing matters as much as having Mother Nature on your side.

One golfer, looking to break 80, needed a birdie for that vaunted 79, and received a blessing from a local bird who decided he deserved an eagle instead.

What a way to break 80, and thankfully this man recorded the whole thing because this is a story that needs video evidence for backup. Has this bird done this before? It did seem to know what to do, despite playing around with the ball for a moment or two before nudging it into the cup.

Regardless, this guy owes this bird a drink for helping him break that 80 barrier and end his round with an eagle ... as long as it’s not too much of a "birden."