hot squirrel summer

Squirrel tags along with golfers for wild round with very happy ending

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If you know what you want, go get it.

That’s a great mantra to have no matter who you are, from a human being trying to find their way in this world to a … squirrel that wants to get in a quick round.

We’ve all seen a squirrel scamper across the green while on the links, but we've never seen one walk up to a group of golfers and proceed to play 16 holes with them. Please don’t watch the following clip and start to try to befriend squirrels. We have to issue that warning because this video makes that idea enticing as hell.

@heymikeg The complete squirrel story, finnest round of golf ever and a new home for Chief #golf #goviral #golftiktok #squirrels #animals #animalsoftiktok #positivevibes ♬ For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

This young squirrel, who now goes by "Chief," joined in for practically an entire round and found a perfect crew to pamper him and, most importantly, let him steer a golf cart. He then got cleaned up (a must after a day on the course), hydrated up and enjoyed many pets. Once nursed backed to full health, the little guy was eventually brought to a wildlife rehab, which is what he deserves.

“Would’ve kept him but the dogs at home thought he was a snack,” said TikTok user heymikeg. “He’s at a good home now :)”

Probably made the right call there, although one could certainly be tempted to bring Chief out for future rounds. A perfect companion when getting in 18, and he probably knows the layout of the course well too.