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Dress shirt style god Phil Mickelson is feeling Haotong Li's new hat

Phil Mickelson is a lot of things. Golf legend, kung-fu master, and budding fitness guru. Perhaps most importantly, however, he's a style trailblazer, equally at home wandering Augusta National in a dress shirt as he is strutting Sunset in his trusty leather jacket. So when Phil tells you he's feeling your drip, you say and please and thank you, sir. Just ask Haotong Li, who could hardly believe his luck when Phil sauntered over at the Dell Match Play on Tuesday to say what's up and compliment Haotong on his bold new headwear direction. Check out the pivotal moment in golf style history below.

The best part of this video is obviously Haotong's reaction—a mixture of terror and elation that Phil even remembered his name, let alone noticed his new Powder-on-Safari lid. "It saves on sunscreen," Li quips, barely containing his glee as Phil shouts "It's hard to pull off but you're doing it!" before wandering off to hit a few flop shots over patrons for 15 bucks a whack. Needless to say, no matter where he finishes this week, it's all downhill from here for Haotong.

Astute observers will also notice Phil is once again rocking the sun's-out, leg-guns-out look for this week's practice rounds. It's no secret how in love Phil is with how in love golf fans are with his calves, and from the looks of things he's going to ride that horse until it keels over and dies this week in Austin. And who knows, maybe he'll even show up even in a Crocodile Dundee hat tomorrow. We can't Haotong have all the glory now can we?