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Phil Mickelson shares the secrets to having fantastic calves like him in funny "fitness" video

March 22, 2019

Dustin Johnson. Rory McIlroy. Phil Mickelson's calves. These are the three most dominant forces in golf right now.

In case you missed it, Mickelson's calves went viral last month after the PGA Tour relaxed its policy on wearing pants in practice rounds—and for good reason. The guy looks like a bodybuilder from the back of the knee down. And now you can have calves just like him. Maybe.

On Friday, Mickelson launched "Phil Kwon Do Calves," a five-part series in which he shares the secrets to his luscious legs. And Part 1 focuses on exercises you can do while watching March Madness all weekend:

Of course, Phil's fantastic calves come mostly from walking golf courses for nearly five decades. And obviously, this is all a gag as well as an ad for Mizzen and Main—Phil continues to be the GOAT of golf pitchmen. But it's pretty funny. And for most of us who skip leg day (or any day in the gym for that matter), this could actually help.