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Doc Rivers daggers washed-up veterans calling about the NBA’s hardship allowance, tells them to go play golf instead

December 21, 2021

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: COVID-19 has America in its vice grip. Aided by the Omicron variant and holiday gatherings, the positive cases have come rolling in by the truckload over the past the week, seen and felt across sports where decimated rosters, postponed games, and questions about whether it’s safe to move forward have reared their ugly heads once again. Don’t call it a comeback, because it never left.

To combat this influx of new cases, the NBA has introduced a so-called “hardship allowance,” allowing teams to sign salary cap- and luxury tax-exempt replacements for each positive COVID-19 case they record. The lifeline has been crucial for maintaining the flow of the NBA season, but has also reportedly given some VERY veteran free agents a bit too much hope.

That’s Celtics coach Ime Udoka joking with reporters after the Celtics loss to the Sixers on Monday. Sixers coach Doc Rivers, however, was slightly less amused with the calls he’s been getting from some NBA relics, unleashing this dagger at his post-game press conference …

Sheesh, Doc. Go easy on the old dogs.

As for who was on the other end of the line, looking to pick up a couple shifts at their old job over winter break, well, we have a hunch who it might have been …