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Behold the craziest finish to an NBA game ever (no, really)

December 16, 2021

The worst matchup (by far) on Wednesday slate of NBA games produced the craziest finish you'll ever see. Once again proving you never know what you're going to get on any given night in the ASSOCIATION.

Seriously, Pelicans vs. Thunder. Unless you're looking ahead to which cellar dweller will have more ping-pong balls for the draft lottery, this one doesn't mean much. Both teams entered last night with a measly eight wins, while combining for 40 losses. They are not good basketball teams. And with Zion Williamson still out of service, there wasn't much star power on the court.

And yet, they produced the most magical 4.5 seconds you'll ever see on a basketball court—Hollywood scripts included. It started with the Thunder trailing by three and getting it into Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who managed to hit an awkward looking 30-footer to tie the game. So we're going to OT, right? Wrong. Check out Devonte' Graham responding with a shot heave from twice as long to give New Orleans the win:

Absolutely incredible. In fact, Graham's 61-footer was the longest game-winning buzzer-beater in 25 years.

Also absolutely incredible? That the Pelicans didn't have a timeout left to advance the ball to half court. That's coaching malpractice!

But in this case, we're glad it happened because it produced the highlight of the year. And, at least for one night, these two lowly franchises got some attention.