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Warriors team plane breaks down in Indianapolis, puts serious cramp in Steph Curry’s three-point-record chase

December 14, 2021

Tuesday night has been circled on the calendar for a couple of days now. The Golden State Warriors travel to Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks with Steph Curry needing just two three pointers to pass Ray Allen and become the all-time NBA leader in three pointers made. Even with Curry slumping, shooting just over 34% from beyond the arc over his last five games, it has felt like a foregone conclusion—destiny even, considering that 13 seasons and 2,975 three pointers have led to basketball’s most hallowed hardwood. There is one itty bitty, teensie weensie little snag, however:

After the Warriors come-from-behind win over the Pacers on Monday night, they were scheduled to fly straight to New York for a back to back ... except the team plane never took off.

On second thought, maybe destiny has other plans. The expectation is that Warriors will still play on Tuesday and that Curry will be out there (despite Kerr joking with reporters that he might rest him before the plane troubles), but it’s obviously not an ideal situation for a guy chasing one of the most precision-oriented records in sports.

At the time of writing—about 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday—the show will go on. Curry has the next two nights off before a showdown with Boston, so something tells us he’ll be out there even if he needs to be beamed in by an alien spacecraft like Michael Jordan at the end of 'Space Jam.' After all, he won’t be the first guy to go to work on no sleep in the Big Apple and he certainly won’t be the last.