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DJ Shaq holds dance party in kitchen, has coronavirus on the ropes

Shaq's Fun House

Jason Koerner

Another day, another round of people doing various things from the confines of their homes. Sure, it's a little boring, but overall we're glad to report it. It keeps everyone safe, helps to hasten the return to our regular lives, and, of course, has given birth to a variety of new sports-adjacent internet content, from every golf trick shot you can possibly imagine (plus some you can't) to the latest, and perhaps greatest, video yet: Shaquille and the O'Neals absolutely wildin' out at a dinner dance party in their kitchen. Turn up and check it out.

Folks, we're getting word that the coronavirus is officially defeated. We now go to Washington for the announcement.

OK, so obviously Shaq and his sons throwing down in the kitchen has not wiped COVID-19 from existence. Maybe we shouldn't joke about such things. But still it's nice to dream and you gotta laugh to keep from crying and yadda yadda yadda.

So big ups to Shaq and co. for keeping it lit INDOORS and letting the whole world share in said lit-ness. As long as this keeps Shaq off the road with a cellphone in his hand, we can truly say this has protected humanity from a grave threat.