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Shaq forgets he's on live TV, hilariously belts out profane Ludacris lyrics over a highlight

The NBA on TNT is a gold mine for "did he just say that on live TV?" moments, almost all of them provided by Charles Barkley. Shaquille O'Neal gets in the mix every once in awhile, but he often just laughs his ass off at the Chuckster along with the rest of us watching. Whether Chuck is dumping on Jussie Smollett or poking fun at that Clippers-Rockets "fight" from a year ago, Shaq is always just a few seats away acting as Chuck's best audience.

But with Barkley currently working the NCAA Tournament for CBS, Shaq took it upon himself to go full Chuck on Tuesday night as a highlight from the Miami Heat-Orlando Magic game played on viewers' TV screens. The highlight featured Miami high-flyer Derrick Jones Jr. posterizing Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic, causing Shaq to completely forget he was on live TV and belt out some profane lyrics from Ludacris' hit 2002 song "Move B***H":

It speaks to the legendary nature of that famous tune that to this day, 17 years later, the lyrics still apply to situations like this. Getting dunked on, getting run over in football, walking out the door as your significant other attempts to stop you from going golfing, etc., etc. Move B---H, get out the way, get out the way B---H, get out the way. Basically the soundtrack to Shaq's NBA career in the low post. Just maybe not the soundtrack you want on live TV, but then again, Shaq and Chuck can and should get away with anything, which continues to make them must-watch.