Jack 2049

‘Digital Jack’ is here and he’s going to haunt your freaking nightmares

The year is 2022. The planet is a microwave. A pathogen of mysterious origin is sweeping the globe. People largely communicate through pocket computers and golf is now the property of the Saudi Arabian monarchy. No, this isn’t the plot of a Philip K. Dick novel. It’s the here and now, and to help usher us into this brave new world, we have a new guide. Meet Digital Jack.

Yeeeikes. If Digital Jack gives you the heebies jeebies, you’re not alone, but Nicklaus Companies—who it should be noted are currently suing their namesake for breach of contract—see no cause for alarm.

“With this launch, Soul Machines continues its quest to redefine the future of digital entertainment with hyper-realistic Digital Twins of real-life celebrities, professional athletes, entertainers, and public figures,” reads the ominous press release. “Avatars, like ‘Digital Jack’—which depicts Nicklaus at age 38, the height of his playing career—are autonomously animated using AI and natural language processing to depict their real-life counterparts in digital spaces. ‘Digital Jack’ has the ability to provide a range of user experiences by answering questions from fans and providing insight based on more than 60 years of memories.”


So there you have it, folks. On top of everything else going on in the wide world of golf, we are now trying to cheat death. We no longer have to say goodbye to our legends and loved ones, we can just interact with their Xbox-360-graphics doppelganger until the sun burns out and the grid collapses. The future is here, and its name is Digital Jack.